Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الأحد، 8 يوليو 2012

Freemasonry and Conspiracy

In the last few days and out of curiosity I've watched a few documentaries about Freemasonry that some of them were produced by non-Freemasons like Eljazeera channel and some others were produced by Freemasons,Although my motive was curiosity,a part of my mind said to me that they're enemy and that I must know my enemy
And before I list what extracted from my watches I'd like to list the reasons of my curiosity:lots of disasters have happened in the last year and have that was done by the SCAF but the media and the non-revolution kind of people just blamed Freemasonry and because I like to humanize everyone even my enemies I've got curiosity that was suppressed what was happening for a while
  In short Freemasonry is a secret society formed by people with human DNA that carries all the good and bad human things,people who are either naive or greedy.they either recruited famous people or released rumors that they're Freemasons after their death and in order to surround themselves of an aura of fear and legends they released rumors that they're responsible for every disaster through unknown members and gossipy people put that with talks about Templers  once and ancient Egyptian god Isis another.Perhaps the most famous case is Jack the ripper that was disproved by the obvious sexual violence and the fact the owner of the Mason conspiracy theory in that case is a suspect and difference between Jack the ripper's and the Freemason's murder styled but people of England believed the Mason thing so they don't feel responsible for the existence of such a murderer.And therefor believing in the power of Freemasons and their responsibility for any disaster is in fact our-us humans-fear of holding responsibility for what we did and what we didn't do

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