Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الأحد، 18 مارس 2012

That Referendum

We realized for a while now that everything has been planned since the beginning of the revolution and I won't call it a conspiracy cuze it's a big and a used up word but we can say that a brilliant military mind has set the whole game up for the previous regime to rule again or at the very least run away and don't get punished but only Allah knows for whose interest
The plan showed up when the SCAF made up a false referendum to change a few articles in the Egyptian constitution,convinced the Muslim leadership that those changes are for the best interest of Egypt's Islamic identity that wasn't a matter of dispute in the first place,convinced the Christian leadership that those changes are against their interests and the equality between citizens,convinced the Islamic political trend that those changes are in their best interest and as result convinced the Islamic politics' Opponents that the changes are against thier interests and made up with the referendum a political and sectarian conflict.
And as the people of Egypt we have only to choices:the first is to consider this referendum as if didn't happened and the second is to keep fighting each other and let Egypt drown
I wish that every one of us think of these choices with his mind and conscience and not with his ears and feelings.
Long live Egypt
Glory for martyrs
SCAF is down

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