Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الثلاثاء، 20 مارس 2012

His Holiness The Pope Shenouda III

When I say my opinion about some one I usually say both his good and bad things.But that only apply on the living and the politicians only and as for the dead we only mention their good stuff as long as they weren't politicians who had great position in the state.
And when we talk about the head of the biggest church in Egypt we have to offer our full respect to all his good stuff and turn a blind eye on the bed stuff that was forced upon him.
I won't go on talking about his biography or his last fight with illness or his relationship with the Egyptian state or the SCAF's and the official mass media's religious and political hypocrisy over his death(and I would like to know why would they broadcast Qur'an to mourn the death of a Christian cleric whatever his position was??!!) for all what I'm going to say is known to all or at least most of us.
It's enough for me to mention the loved situation of his holiness and their is so mush of these to be mentioned in this small blog so i'll talk about what i can talk about.
One of the religion man's most important tasks is to spread the concept of social solidarity among his people so take from the rich and give poor so non of then sleep without food,clothes or residence and God knows that the Eastern Orthodox church in Egypt has been always a good example for the poorest was sufficient of basic needs.
But that's not all for his holiness' situations are mush more than i can count so this small blogger will post what she can post.
And last but not least fare well your holiness and we ask God to help who succeed you. 

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