Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الخميس، 2 فبراير 2012

About Port Said Stadium

First I would like to apologize for a post that i shared on my MySpace,Twitter and Facebook accounts asked people in it to get over the game results in the same night of game right before the massacre
Second I would like to give my sincere condolences to the dead and injuries' families
Third I would like to ask all the officers and recruits who are responsible for protecting the army barrack that the stadium is inside'where were you?'
Forth it's usual for Port Said's governor and director of security to attend El-Ahly Vs. El-Masry football matches,why not this time?
Fifth why did the stadium's light went off and the ambulances and the police disappear?
Sixth why most of the dead are from Ultras Ahlawy who go to protests and protect protesters?
Seventh where is the minister of interior?
Eighth why do the official way to deal with what happens remind us of Mubarak's time(where Egyptian's life=0)?

And finally February2nd is a sad day for Egyptians....victims of a train crash,drowning ship,battle of camels and Port Said stadium massacre,who's responsible for all this death and destruction?

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