Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الأحد، 29 يناير 2012

Bequest Or Talent?

In the last few years of his rule,Mubarak let everybody inherit their jobs and positions to their kids and not only in the public institutions but also everywhere else in Egypt,of course to pave for his boy to inherit the rule of Egypt
But here we must stop and put things in their right places
For example(but not limited to)when we here this beautiful Arab poem and ask about who wrote it and we're being told that it's a son of a great poet,is it bequest or a talent that he was given mixed with the poetical environment he was raised in?
Decades before Mubarak was even born people realized that there could be a family that most of it talented in the same thing or have talents that are connected to each other and so we found entire families reciters,Nasheed singers,musicians,actors,acrobatics and predator trainers they were all really good
So the conclusion we have is that when we find talented person who belong to a talented family then it's a mix of a true talent and well raise and when we find people like the brothers Mubarak who are as corrupt as their parents then it's a ix of bequest and bad raise.

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