Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

السبت، 7 يناير 2012

Asmaa and every days story with all people

Maybe her name was really Asmaa or maybe she had a different name,an ordinary Egyptian lady from an ordinary Egyptian family lived and died with HIV and she didn't expect that her suffering from the disease that took many lives and her suffering from the ignorance and rejection from her society will make her famous after her death by huge and surprisingly honorable
The young-only from the outside-director Amr Salama,the creative and daring-sometimes in an unacceptable way-actress Hend Sapry and the uniquely talented comedian Maged El-Kedwany have portrayed a story that is as simble as it's full of complicated details and as thorough as it's about those who live with HIV
Asmaa is the buried suffering in every single one of us...every one of us has something that makes us rejected by ourselves or our families or our communities or even other communities that we had to live in or visit...but we always forget that we had to face and suffer from ignorance,closed minds and obsolete traditions and we think that we're that others and is we faced the ignorance and closed minds of those who turned us into Asmaa,other people face our own ignorance and closed minds and we turn them into Asmaa

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