Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الخميس، 22 ديسمبر 2011

Egypt's women

As old as time...the holy Qur'an says that the devil asked both Adam and Eve to eat from the"tree"and the Qur'an didn't say which one of them ate first or which one persuaded the other to eat,but some good people explained the words of Allah the way they want
and continued in the tyranny ages by continue to mis-explain Allah's words in a way that allows any man to project what he was going through out of the house on his wife,daughters,sister's and maybe his mother too
and now we saw the same image in justifying the increase of sexual harassment percentage generally in the Muslim countries specially in Egypt and Saudi and  in calling female activists and any women who say no to anything wrong all the bed names you could possibly think of just to justify their own silence and negativity
and of course all that seamed obvious in the creative comments on a video of a girl got beaten and out of her veil ,which showed-the comments-some people's conviction that some how Islam allowed them to search in people's intentions regardless to the fact the Islam knew inquisition in Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah's rule and the guy was crazy enough to think that he's God so his actions aren't really a source of legislation
O people the right Suni Muslim Share'a that i know has no inquisition and it doesn't ask you to check on the victim's attitude before you defend the victim and the right human nature tells you to defend the victim even if she's a whore or the daughter of your enemy,but it seams the pollution that corrupted our food,our water and every thing around us is also corrupting our understanding to religion and our nature

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