Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الخميس، 10 نوفمبر 2011

back online after suffering

Sobhan Allah
in the last few days i couldn't write anything new as if my creativity is suddenly stop i tried to write about Khaled Saed,the seven years sentence and the great Egyptian justice system and i also tried to write about the cultural change project and i both cases i suddenly stopped and i don't know why
but all this wasn't worse than waking up to find no internet connection although we payed for it Mom also found out that we have no phone and my sister told us that here friends who live near by suffer from the same situation that's when we knew what happened the telephone cables thieves did it(have you seen any more drop-government before?)and that we have days,maybe weeks before the people in charge would be generous enough to deal with it(of course they must make us hate the day when we arise against their corruption before doing what we bay them by taxes to do)and Alhamdollah i came home last night found my sisters very happy and the net connection is back and i'm of course happy but still wishing badly to those thieves and the employee who helped them and whoever neglected securing the cables that way
but what really matters after this inspiring experience i have a question:for how long will we do nothing about the fluidity,neglect and collusion of civil servants?we bay their salaries from out taxes and every careless,bribed and accomplice must understand that whether it was in the easy way or by dragging them to court rooms and punish them...there is no forgiveness for those who gain thousands of Haraam wealth monthly and knowing that it;s Haraam and harmful to people

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