Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

السبت، 8 أكتوبر 2011

where our media is going?

A limited and incorrect question in a time when the informing and educational purposes if media were destroyed and the media has become basically entertaining and the correct question is where the world media is going??the credibility of media has become world wide crisis and all those who watched the videos of the American activist and actor Russel Means on YouTube knows that even in the United States of America the so-called leader of the free world media has become a mind control and reality distortion tool
but let us from the big world for now and let's go back to Egypt to the beginning when media was inscriptions on the walls of temples since that time till now the media was a servant of a power system or a regime,the pharaoh appeared huge in these inscriptions and the people appear like dwarfs and that was the basic of the media process in the ancient times and so it is now when the main headline is always about the head of the state whatever his title was ,the national journals write about only the positive side an event he attended or organized,the opposition journals write about only the negative side of the same event and the independent journals write both positive and negative sides of the event in case any of the events' positive or negative sides of it on the long term they start flattering the winner pretending that they saw it coming
even now in the age of information technology and social media,the age when the cell phone camera has become a documentation tool,the age when all the heavy filming and editing equipment has been shortened in a small camera and computer program media is the same and worse we in-the-age-of-truths don't only have to bear all the leis but we must beat the grammar mistakes and the stammering of the news anchors(and nothing against stammerers it's just not the right job for them)
the time of(you only see what i see)is gone and as Dr.Bassem Yousef said people have always listened to media and it's time for media to listen to people

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