Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

السبت، 6 أغسطس 2011

I wish that the show angers you

(I wish that my show angers you)
Was Dr.Bassem Yousef"s massage to the Mubarak's fans and for those who don't know Dr.Bassem till the revolution he was just another doctor spends most of his time in the surgery room but yet the revolution happened and as every one else he saw the performance of the Egyptian official media and that where Dr.Bassem Yousef show came from Dr Bessem has simply decided to practice the Egyptians old fashion hobby and way of recreation....sarcasm and it started from a romm in Dr.Bassem's house with a web show on YouTube
a simple web show that was prepared,presented and directed by amateurs,people loved it,the show has said what they wanted to say about those who called the protesters paid thugs and traitors of it also unleashed the(you won't gloat us president)initiative for national union
and of course with the talent that the doctor showed as a comedian and a presenter TV networks fought over a contract with him but it was the ONTV that won the fight and and El Bernameg show was unleashed in the first day of Ramadan
and just as he started with criticizing and making fun of the Egyptian official media he started El Pernameg show with criticizing the Syrian official media that works the same way the Egyptian official media has worked with a much worse scenario in 30 minutes a day that combines seriousness and humor like every Arab tragedy
commenting on the new show's name(which is Arabic for the show)Dr.Bassem says"we didn't find a better or a worse name"

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