Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

السبت، 30 يوليو 2011

demagy party

dear friends
do you remember when i said that if Egypt is the mother of Egyptians then their father is her harsh reality?if you remember then i talk to you now as Aya the daughter of Egypt and its hard reality and tell you that i made a decision not to join any political party,organization or movement and that decision is based on what happened lately in between these parties that made me realize that in each one of these movements there are people who care about the political ambitions more than they care about Egypt and Egyptians and from this point I've created my own party in my head and called it demagy(my head's)party that i'm its president,vice president and only member and i had a new blog for this party that is totally in Arabic and decided to make this blog in English only for my foreign friends who might be curious about what happens in Egypt

long live Egypt
and may Allah save Egypt

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