Our Martyrs

Our Martyrs
their blood on Tantawy's hands

الأربعاء، 15 يونيو 2011

قصيدة بلا رحمة لمريد البرغوثي without mercy a poem to Mourid Barghouti

عزف حنون
حنانه لا يعزيك
علمتك الحياة:
في كل حرب طويلة
يجلس جندي بوجه تائه
و أنياب عادية
قرب خيمته
يحتضن هارمونيكا لامعة الصوت
صانها من الغبار و النزيف
و كعصفور طيب لا علاقة له بالصراع
يغني لنفسه أغنية حب لا تكذب

يخلجه ضوء القمر:
ما جدوى هارمونيكا في الجحيم؟

يدنو ظل ثم ظلال
الجنود واحد تلو الأخر
ينضمون الى غنائه
العازف يأخذ كتيبة كاملة الى شرفة روميو
و من هنا بلا تفكير,بلا تردد,
بلا رحمة,
بلا شك,
يستأنفون القتل!

There is a sweet music,
but its sweetness fails to console you.
This is what the days have taught you:
in every long war
there is a soldier, with a distracted face and ordinary teeth,
who sits outside his tent
holding his bright-sounding harmonica
which he has carefully protected from the dust and blood,
and like a bird
uninvolved in the conflict,
he sings to himself
a love song
that does not lie.

For a moment,
he feels embarrassed at what the moonlight might think:
what’s the use of a harmonica in hell?

A shadow approaches,
then more shadows.
His fellow soldiers, one after the other,
join him in his song.
The singer takes the whole regiment with him
to Romeo’s balcony,
and from there,
without thinking,
without mercy,
without doubt,
they will resume the killing!

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